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Promoting good practice in newborn temperature regulation: Dr. Alok Sharma’s story

Prelude The mother was in preterm labour and the baby was about to be born at 24 weeks. As a consultant neonatologist at Southampton University Hospital, this was not an unusual situation for Dr. Alok Sharma. What was perhaps unusual at the time was how Alok was preparing to deal with this preterm birth. Normally babies born at this gestational age are intubated and ventilated immediately but this time, Alok wanted to avoid this. He had noticed time and again…
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Skin-to-skin contact between fathers and newborns improves their physiological parameters and wakefulness.

The common practice of separating infants from their parents after a caesarean section was put into question after a study showed that the skin-to-skin contact between the fathers and the newborn infants had significant advantages in achieving their stable physiological parameters and wakefulness.  Motivated by the known benefits of an early mother-infant skin-to-skin contact, a randomised controlled study was conducted to determine if this could also be the case with fathers. The goal was…
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