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Putting the needs of preterm babies on the political agenda in Romania

Guest article by Diana Gamulescu, Co-founder and President of Asociatia Prematurilor in Romania. Preterm birth as health challenge in Romania In Romania, over 20,000 babies are born preterm each year, i.e. about 10% of all births. Experts recognise the major challenges preterm births pose for public health and the neonatal system in the country. Risks associated with being born too soon include an increased mortality rate and severe disability. In addition, many of these children experience neurodevelopmental difficulties, such as…
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NeonaTEL: A call centre for parental support during the COVID-19 pandemic, established by the Romanian parent organisation Unu si Unu

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic parents are in need of special support. They have questions which should be answered on daily basis. EFCNIs partner parent organisation Unu si Unu established a call center to stay in touch with parents and parents-to-be and to help them to stay healthy and close to their children in the time of COVID-19. Corina Croitoru from Asociația Unu si Unu in Romania explained how the Call Center works and what is needed to set it up.…
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Developmental care for little patients – FINE trainings in Romania

A guest article by Corina Croitoru, President of the Association Unu și Unu Preterm babies, and ill newborns are properly treated from the medical point of view, but, the human dimension is often neglected. They are ‘just’ patients and the parents are ‘just’ visitors. By supporting FINE training in Romanian hospitals, Unu si Unu Association aims to change this situation.  The aim: “Through this project we want to support the babies and their parents. At birth, both the baby and the mother…
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