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Measures against the COVID pandemic did not affect rates of preterm births in three Scandinavian countries

 A study from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden combined data from each country’s birth registry and evaluated whether the rate of preterm births was affected by lockdown measures against the COVID19 pandemic. Some prior studies indicated lower rates, but overall the results were contradictive. The new analysis by Laura Oakley and colleagues incorporated a detailed strategy to account for potential confounders and eventually could not confirm a relationship between COVID-related restriction and preterm birth rates.…
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Preterm care during COVID-19 and the survival benefit of kangaroo mother care

Given the disruption of neonatal health services through the COVID-19 pandemic, a two-scenarios-analysis was conducted to weigh the risk of not implementing kangaroo mother care (KMC) among neonates with neonatal deaths from COVID-19. The undeniable survival benefit of KMC far outweighs the small risk of death due to the virus and encourage its practice. There are conflicting global guidelines on mother-newborn care during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly regarding kangaroo mother care…
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