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In 2021, the season of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections was exceptional in terms of the very early onset and the enormously high numbers of hospitalised children. Thus, the last season showed very clearly: RSV is a major health threat to children under two years of age. In most cases of RSV, children develop only mild, cold-like symptoms. However, a number of children suffer from a severe course of the infection with severe respiratory distress and accompanying symptoms that need…
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EFCNI Welcomes Platinum Partner AstraZeneca to Raise Awareness of RSV

    With EFCNI’s long standing leadership in preterm infants’ health and well-being, and AstraZeneca’s heritage in the RSV space, this partnership aims to increase awareness and educate parents and healthcare providers about the signs and symptoms of this challenging condition and available preventative options. In celebration of EFCNI’s platinum partnership with AstraZeneca, we had the opportunity to sit down with three leaders from AstraZeneca’s RSV team to ask about their work within the disease area. RSV is a very common,…
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