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Born too soon: a decade of action on preterm birth

With preterm birth now being the leading cause of child deaths before the 5th birthday, 70+ organisations in 45+ countries, including EFCNI, have worked together to develop the report 'Born too soon: a decade of action on preterm birth', setting an ambitious agenda to reduce the burden of preterm birth. This report shines a spotlight on country achievements that can inform and inspire further progress, roots the agenda for preterm birth within the Sustainable…
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Measures against the COVID pandemic did not affect rates of preterm births in three Scandinavian countries

 A study from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden combined data from each country’s birth registry and evaluated whether the rate of preterm births was affected by lockdown measures against the COVID19 pandemic. Some prior studies indicated lower rates, but overall the results were contradictive. The new analysis by Laura Oakley and colleagues incorporated a detailed strategy to account for potential confounders and eventually could not confirm a relationship between COVID-related restriction and preterm birth rates.…
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