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Health-related quality of life among Ethiopian pregnant women during COVID-19 pandemic

Several studies revealed that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression. Additionally, previous studies have shown that social support during pregnancy has a positive impact on the mental health of women in general. Since the changes during the pandemic have also caused social distancing, this may have created a negative effect on pregnant women’s well-being. The study by Dule et al. investigated the health-related quality of life of pregnant women…
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Association between maternal HIV infection and preterm birth

The treatment of HIV with antiretroviral therapies (ARTs) has improved people’s quality of life and extended their life span. This also leads to more HIV-infected women having children, as ARTs also protect the baby from contracting the virus. However, ARTs may cause negative effects on pregnancy outcomes, with increases in preterm birth rates. In the study by Elenga et al., pregnancy outcomes of HIV-positive mothers receiving different types of ART were compared to uninfected…
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