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Guest article by Sandra Walther: Pre-eclampsia experience of an affected mother

Die deutsche Fassung finden Sie hier Unfortunately, until today, only very few women know enough about the dangerous pregnancy complication of pre-eclampsia, especially how and when they should act. Almost every woman knows someone who has experienced pre-eclampsia, but too little is said about the effects of this complication, the symptoms and the importance of not being afraid to consult a healthcare professional. Expectant mothers are not informed enough about the possible long-term health consequences. Medical professionals would also have…
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Act early! Screen early! Our campaign for pre-eclampsia awareness

May is the month of Pre-eclampsia awareness For the third time, EFCNI engages in the pre-eclampsia awareness month of May, by organising its international campaign Act early! Screen early! With this campaign, we want to play our part in ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy. Advocating for early risk assessment in pregnancy is our mission and we are thrilled to have so many supporters on board this year! These times have been challenging, official launch dates had to be cancelled…
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Pregnancy and Pre-eclampsia – an interview with high-risk patient Cathleen Simnick

Question: Have you ever come across the term Pre-eclampsia before or in the beginning of your pregnancy? Cathleen Simnick: Frankly speaking, I have never heard of pre-eclampsia before I got pregnant. I did know the term ‘toxemia of pregnancy’ but I had no idea what this was actually all about.  Did you notice any of the “typical” symptoms of pre-eclampsia? If so, when and in which form did they appear? During my pregnancy I had a subtle form of placental…
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