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Exploring the difference in life satisfaction of parents with term born and preterm infants

Preterm birth is associated with higher morbidity and mortality of the newborn and possible developmental delay. Parents of preterm children experience increased levels of stress, not only in the period after birth but also years later. To gain a better understanding of the particular situation of families with preterm children, parents in the German Socio-Economic Panel and the British Understanding Society Study were asked to assess their life satisfaction before, during, and after…
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Angels for parents with empty arms

Guest article by Veronika Kmetóny Gazdová of our Slovakian partner from parent organisation Malíček.   Preterm birth is a risk for both the woman and the baby. The fragility of life is seen especially in those families whose are leaving the hospital with empty arms. Malíček initiated a project to commemorate those lives as well as support families in their grief. Malíček donates the memorial called “little angels” to perinatal centres across Slovakia. The project builds on the activities of…
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Impact of a sensory-based intervention in the NICU on parents and their preterm born babies

35 families received the Supporting and Enhancing Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Sensory Experiences (SENSE) programme-based intervention. The preterm born babies (≤ 32 weeks of pregnancy) experienced sensory exposures like human touch or massage on each day of their NICU hospitalisation. The main aim of the study was to find out whether it makes a difference who is performing (parents vs. volunteers/professionals) the sensory activity regarding the babies' neurobehaviour and parental mental health. In the…
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