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11 months – 11 topics – lighthouse highlights in 2018

As part of our communication motto "11 months – 11 topics" in 2018, we introduced the concept of lighthouse projects. Every month, we featured one or more lighthouse projects. These are projects realised by members of our network or others active in neonatal care. They can be a source of inspiration, a motivator or a role model for other organisations. We compiled a summary of lighthouse highlights in 2018:  How to implement hygiene measures in a hospital – and foster…
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RSV – a respiratory virus that can become dangerous for preterm babies

Interview with Prof Luc J.I. Zimmermann Prof. Zimmermann, in adults, how does a typical course of infection with RSV look like and how frequent is it? RSV infections are very common, and, just like the influenza virus, RSV appears during flu season, in the coldest and wettest months of the year. In healthy adults, an RSV infection shows only mild symptoms similar to the common cold, like a running nose or a sore throat, and normally does not need to…
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Lighthouse project hospital hygiene: How to implement hygiene measures in a hospital – and foster compliance

The WHO campaign Clean Your Hands aims to improve awareness of the importance of hand hygiene in health care and to actually promote change and reduce the number of infections in hospitals worldwide. To find out how this campaign was implemented in a local hospital, we interviewed Dr Axel von der Wense, Head of the Neonatal and Intensive Care unit at the Altonaer Children’s Hospital. An interview with Dr Axel von der Wense, Altona Children’s Hospital, Hamburg, Germany The Altonaer…
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