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Infection prevention and control in neonatal units: interactions between healthcare providers and mothers

Aiming to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections, a study from Ghana explored the role of mothers and healthcare providers (HPs) in infection prevention and control (IPC) for newborns in neonatal intensive care units. Both groups involved faced problems, particularly when interacting with each other, resulting in insufficient IPC interventions. While mothers received not enough information and felt insecure and stressed, the HPs reported not to have the capacity to collaborate in a better way. ©…
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Global analysis of neonatal care during the COVID-19 pandemic – a healthcare providers’ perspective

With COVID-19 disrupting neonatal health systems globally, a group of experts undertook a thematic analysis of healthcare providers’ experiences using a disseminated online survey. Results show high levels of stress on healthcare providers, disruption of newborn care practices, and lack of guidelines regarding preterm newborns and babies with low birthweight (LBW) during the pandemic. There is an urgent need to protect life-saving interventions. The implementation of the Every Newborn Action Plan in 2014 by…
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