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Lighthouse project: Developmental care – from theory to practice

A guest article by Dr Susanne Rücker, paediatrician , Hospital "Dritter Orden", Munich, Germany Developmental care is a paramount aspect in the care of preterm babies. Being a neonatal unit providing maximum medical care, this approach has always been an important factor in the provision of care for our patients. However, there has not been a comprehensive concept in operating developmental care that…
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Developmental care for little patients – FINE trainings in Romania

A guest article by Corina Croitoru, President of the Association Unu și Unu Preterm babies, and ill newborns are properly treated from the medical point of view, but, the human dimension is often neglected. They are ‘just’ patients and the parents are ‘just’ visitors. By supporting FINE training in Romanian hospitals, Unu si Unu Association aims to change this situation.  The aim: “Through this project we want to support the babies and their parents. At birth, both the baby and the mother…
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Lighthouse project: Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education

The Family and Infant Neurodevelopmental Education (FINE) programme is an educational pathway in infant and family-centred developmental care for all healthcare professionals working in neonatal care. The overall goal is to improve the outcomes for babies and families in neonatal care. The curriculum includes themes such as neurodevelopment of the newborn, the relationship between parents and their baby, management of stress and pain, and observing and understanding the baby’s behaviour. The concept has spread to many parts of the world…
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