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Family reflections: preterm birth and the power of parent involvement in research

In a heart-touching testimony that emphasises the power of patient and family involvement in neonatal research, Fabiana Bacchini's journey with her preterm-born child leads to significant insights into the care of preterm infants beyond hospital walls. Her story underscores the critical role parents play not only in their child's immediate well-being but also in driving long-term positive outcomes for the whole neonatal community. In her article, Fabiana Bacchini, a resilient mother of twins…
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Keeping parents and their babies close – results of an international study on implementation, facilitators, and barriers in neonatal units

Family integrated care (FICare) is important for parent and infant health. A recent study gives an overview of current facilitators and barriers to parent-infant closeness and zero-separation in hospitals in 19 countries. The findings show that the separation of parents and their babies is very common. The study found four themes that could help explain the challenges that families and healthcare professionals encounter: Culture, Collaboration, Capacities and Coaching. When mother and child are separated during…
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