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Health-related quality of life in very and extremely preterm born children at the age of five years

A European study with more than 3600 participants measured how health-related quality of life in children at the age of five is affected by extreme and very preterm birth. The results show that quality of life is particularly lower in extremely preterm born children. Compared to children who are born at term, preterm born children often have a higher risk of mortality and developing serious complications. Children who are born before 28 weeks of gestation…
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Management and outcomes of extreme preterm birth

The survival and morbidity rates of babies born extremely preterm are linked to care management before and after birth, which tends to vary a lot. Conclusions of a recently published clinical update show that family centred care, preventive measures before pregnancy and the use of guidelines and legislation are key factors for improving health outcomes. Extreme preterm birth is defined as birth before 28 weeks of gestation. The survival and health status of babies…
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