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9th International Conference on Human Milk Science and Innovation (ICHMSI) in Lisbon

This year's ICHMSI featured international sessions on the latest findings in human milk, as well as first-hand experiences from mothers of preterm babies. EFCNI is proud to have once again partnered with the conference, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal, and online from 1–2 February. It was a great event with memorable talks and meeting familiar faces as well as new ones. Renowned scientists from around the world presented their research-based views on why and how human milk can benefit…
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Exclusive Human Milk Diet for Extremely Premature Infants: A Novel Fortification Strategy with Human Milk-Derived Fortifiers to Enhance the Bioactive Properties of Donor Milk

A recent study at the University Maternity Hospital Limerick in Ireland sheds light on the benefits of human milk-derived fortifiers (HMDF) for extremely preterm and low-birthweight infants. Results show that, unlike cow's milk-derived fortifiers (CMDF), HMDF significantly improves human milk's nutritional content, including higher fat, protein, and antioxidant activity. Moreover, certain bioactive proteins found to be lacking in donor human milk were enhanced with HMDF. Researchers concluded that fresh mother's own milk (FreMOM) fortified…
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