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An ethical examination of twin anemia polycythemia sequence screening

In a recent US case study, researchers have shed light on the ethical challenges surrounding diagnosing and managing Twin Anemia Polycythemia Sequence (TAPS), a rare condition affecting monochorionic twin pregnancies. The study highlights the importance of veracity, respect for persons, justice, and disability rights in providing comprehensive care for families affected by TAPS. is a rare and often fatal disease that affects monochorionic twins. It is characterised by an unwanted small surface connection in the…
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EFCNI shares a parental view on cluster randomised controlled trials in newborn babies

EFCNI has repeatedly expressed concern about the lack of evidence in the treatment of newborn babies and has called for more research in this field. EFCNI is firmly convinced that more clinical trials are needed to develop new, safe and efficient treatments for newborns that are based on hard evidence. However, it is just as important to conduct the trials following high ethical and clinical standards. In a recent article, published in the scientific…
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