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Enteral nutrition: how to support growth and development of preterm and ill newborns safely

Interview with Dr Corinna Gebauer, University Hospital Leipzig, Germany If a preterm baby or a hospitalized newborn cannot be fed normally, because they are not yet able to coordinate sucking and swallowing, for instance, then enteral feeding can be a way of nutritional support. In this interview, Dr Corinna Gebauer, from the University Hospital Leipzig, Germany, shares her expertise about nutritional support for newborns and the aspect…
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Parenteral nutrition for ill and preterm infants – meeting nutritional needs in the NICU

Interview with Professor Nadja Haiden, Medical University of Vienna, Austria Babies with a healthy digestive tract usually get their nutrition by drinking breastmilk and digesting. This provides the body with the nutrients necessary for growth and development. However, babies who are born very preterm or have certain illnesses often cannot be fed by mouth or by a feeding tube. In this case, they require so-called parenteral nutrition,…
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