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Welcome, Paul, to Lithuania!

A guest article by Asta Speičytė-Radzevičienė, head of Lithuanian parent organisation Neišnešiotukas Last year, in 2022, about 1,200 preterm babies were born in Lithuania. However, the worldwide birth rate has been steadily declining for over 50 years. Every baby matters! Thanks to the collaboration with AmerisourceBergen, Lithuania received an innovative simulator Paul which precisely recreates a preterm 27-weeks-old baby. Such an innovative solution, which is created in Austria by SIMCharacters, contributes to the education…
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What parents want to know about their preterm baby’s care

Researchers explored the knowledge needs and skills acquisition of parents during their baby’s neonatal intensive care stay in California, USA. The study revealed differences in the learning needs and skills acquisition depending on the parents’ age and characteristics of the newborn. Moreover, the infant’s medical course and questions about feeding were the main topics of parental interest. Having a preterm baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is challenging for the family. During…
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11 months – 11 topics – lighthouse highlights in 2018

As part of our communication motto "11 months – 11 topics" in 2018, we introduced the concept of lighthouse projects. Every month, we featured one or more lighthouse projects. These are projects realised by members of our network or others active in neonatal care. They can be a source of inspiration, a motivator or a role model for other organisations. We compiled a summary of lighthouse highlights in 2018:  How to implement hygiene measures in a hospital – and foster…
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