Survive and Thrive: Transforming Care for Small and Sick Newborns

The webinar series “Survive and thrive: transforming care for small and sick newborns” by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has now come to an end.

For the past four months, leading experts on neonatal health gave a detailed insight into the findings collected in the report, and shared country experiences in improving quality of care for newborns and introduced WHO’s new standards of care for small and sick newborns.
On May 6, EFCNI chairwoman and founder of GLANCE, Silke Mader also had the great opportunity to talk in the session ” Now is the time to transform care for newborns” about the strategies for integrated people-centred health services and how parents can be a great asset for inpatient newborn care units that seek advice in order to improve quality, safety and family-centred care. Other speakers covered topics as for instance, the perspective from WHO Regional Office for Eastern Mediterranean (May 20), how and why to use data for action (July 1) and introduced the standards of care for small and sick newborns (August 12).

Find an overview of all webinars and a short introduction here: