New set of assessments released for follow-up evaluations of adults born preterm


The Adults Born Preterm International Collaboration (APIC) has released a set of Common Core Assessments for follow-up evaluations of adults who were born prematurely. On average, preterm born individuals face more physical and psychological challenges and social difficulties. To further investigate these health outcomes, meta-analyses and cross-validations of studies are important and therefore comparability of follow-up measures is crucial. The recommendations of APIC will help gather consistent measures to ensure cohesive datasets and therefore enable researchers to conduct significant and international studies on the outcomes of preterm birth in later adulthood.

The Core Assessments include the following areas: Cardiometabolic and related biomarkers and blood and urine samples; Body composition; Respiratory outcomes; Ophthalmic outcomes; Cognitive and motor function; Mental health; Personality; Sociodemographic factors; Health-related quality of life; Social relationships, economic independence, and reproduction.

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