New position paper on parenteral nutrition launched

Dr Johanna Pfeil and Prof. Alexandre Lapillonne at the launch of the position paper in Maastricht.

EFCNI  proudly announces the launch of their position paper “Addressing the nutritional emergency of preterm birth – Optimal practice in neonatal parenteral nutrition”!

In July 2018, several international medical experts from various countries met in Munich for the international EFCNI roundtable on parenteral nutrition. During this roundtable, the content of the position paper was elaborated, highlighting the importance of parenteral nutrition as a life-saving treatment for babies born very preterm and ill babies. Based on this fruitful gathering and constructive exchange of views and ideas, the position paper was then developed by EFCNI together with an expert panel and finally launched in Maastricht during the jENS congress.  This position paper is intended to serve as a supplement to, and a driving force for the development and implementation of guidelines on a national level based on the newly revised European ESPGHAN/ESPEN/ESPR/CSPEN guidelines. Parenteral nutrition is a life-saving feeding method in infants who cannot be fed enterally. Parenteral nutrition does, however, carry certain risks, especially if it is not performed according to evidence-based guidelines. EFCNI and the expert panel, therefore, call for a thorough implementation of national guidelines on paediatric parenteral nutrition.


Download the position paper HERE

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