Expert Roundtable on Safe Parenteral Nutrition

How to take care of safe parenteral nutrition – a life-saving treatment for preterm or severely sick infants


EFCNI hosted two digital roundtables on parenteral nutrition with the aim to improve optimal nutritional care of preterm or severely sick babies who cannot be adequately fed by mouth or through a feeding tube.

On this occasion, a multidisciplinary panel of German key experts in this field including neonatologists, pharmacists, hygiene experts, nurses and parent representatives as well as representatives of the German “Society for Neonatology and Paediatric Intensive Care” (GNPI) and the “Federal Association of German Hospital Pharmacists” (ADKA) gathered together to work on this important issue digitally.

In a joint effort, solutions to overcome barriers of parenteral nutrition in Germany were discussed. Considering conditions of the German care system, these solutions shall be transferred into a hands-on toolkit to improve the implementation of the evidence-based ESPGHAN guidelines on parenteral nutrition in NICUs and hospital pharmacies.

EFCNI is looking forward to launching this toolkit in June at the GNPI congress in Vienna!

A warm “thank you” to all panel experts for their involvement and great support.

EFCNI has received an educational grant from Baxter.

Expert panel of the fourth roundtable on neonatal parenteral nutrition (alphabetical): Dr Babl, Prof. Koletzko, Prof. Dame, Prof. Dörje, Mrs. Eglin, Prof. Fusch, Prof. Haiden, Prof. Härtel, Prof. Hentschel, Prof. Herting, Mrs. Hock, Dr Hoffmann, Dr Hoppe-Tichy, Dr Kostenzer, Mrs. Mader, Prof. Mihatsch, Mrs. Pätzmann-Sietas, Dr Piening, Dr Seeliger, Dr Schubert













Graphic © EFCNI