Current times ask for creative solutions! GLANCE Chair Committee has its first digital meeting

The GLANCE founding members and the Chair Committee met digitally

As the pandemic makes face to face meetings currently impossible, we were delighted to have the chance to e-meet the GLANCE Chair Committee digitally. “A global alliance, representing the stories and the voice of the parents was long overdue. We must include parents when we advocate for improvements in girls’, women’s and adolescents’ health.”, stated Chair Committee member Mary Kinney, Save the Children, US.

EFCNI could present its global initiative GLANCE in its whole spectrum. Besides history, visions, concrete aims and organisational aspects, the first campaign and survey were presented to the international committee that could contribute with valuable suggestions and recommendations. Also, critical points such as limitations, sensitive cultural differences and ethical challenges were discussed. We are convinced that it is the multidisciplinary, international background that makes the Chair Committee such a valuable pillar of GLANCE. To be able to identify specific needs and develop targeted support for various target groups in different regions and settings, we need local experts. As Professor Satoshi Kusuda, Kyorin University, Tokyo, Japan put it: ”I want to be a bridge between the East and the West and contribute with my experience and first-hand information to support the work of GLANCE.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the agenda-setting process and we are glad, that, with the support of our global network of parent organisations and healthcare professionals, we could react by providing relevant information for parents of preterm babies and hospitalised newborns in the form of a thorough FAQ. It lists very specific questions parents of hospitalised babies might have during the pandemic. GLANCE has also decided to dedicate its first campaign to NICU parents and their babies in times of the pandemic.  Keep visiting the GLANCE website for updates and material for this campaign.

Silke Mader, Chairwoman of EFCNI and founding member of GLANCE, expressed her thanks and appreciation at the end of this fruitful meeting: “Seeing GLANCE actually coming together, is like a dream come true and I must thank you all for your commitment and support. It is your individual point of view and your expertise that helps us develop GLANCE further!”

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