We are happy to provide you with plenty of material for your World Prematurity Day activities for free download. Each year, we develop a new topic and new material to support our community and everyone who wishes to engage in World Prematurity Day with social media graphics, banners, factsheets, and much more. We kindly ask you to respect the copyright and ownership of EFCNI regarding these materials. Below you find a few guidelines on how to use these graphics and other resources. We wish you great World Prematurity Day celebrations!

Guidelines for the use of the materials offered by EFCNI

  • Feel free to use the material for awareness-raising in hospitals, for your event, press and media, or on social media
  • tag us @efcni (Facebook and Instagram) or @EFCNIwecare (Twitter) so we can like and share your postings
  • Use the material only for awareness rising, information, or fundraising for your non-profit organisation
  • Do not alter the image – it is what makes us recognizable around the world
  • Feel free to add the logos and names of your individual supporters and partners, but do not remove or change the EFCNI logo
  • Do not alter the layout and design of the templates (e.g. colour, type, composition)
  • For industry: Use any of EFCNI’s World Prematurity Day material ONLY IF YOU ARE CURRENT PARTNER OF EFCNI. Do NOT use the material for marketing or sales purposes of products or services.

In case of any doubts about the correct use of our material, please share with us in advance a draft and/or preview of your designed material – before printing or publishing, and foresee time for a possible exchange and approval process.

We warmly thank our partner (parent-)organisations for helping us with the translation of the World Prematurity Day logo and the annual themed materials. Special thanks to Professor Mats Blennow, Dr Morten Breindahl, Dr Chao-Huei Chen, Wakako Eklund, Professor Pierre Kuhn, Professor Ola D. Saugstad, Dr Amanda Smildzere, and Dr Mohammed Reza Zarkesh.

World Prematurity Day Chat

As in previous years, we organise an online chat on the occasion of World Prematurity Day to raise awareness about the challenges of preterm birth. The chat will take place on 16 November 2023 on X (formerly known as Twitter). The goal is to make the impact of preterm birth visible, to educate people about the topic, and to drum up attention for World Prematurity Day the following day. Of course, we will also talk about skin-to-skin contact and Kangaroo Care, topics we will focus on this year’s World Prematurity Day.

Everyone is cordially invited to participate in the chat on 16 November (3-4 pm AEDT / 9-10 am EST / 2-3 pm GMT / 3-4 pm CET). Posts can be in English or any other language – it is also a great way to show how international our community is. Please just make sure to use #WPD23Chat in all your posts.

Preemie Chat - Science Edition

The World Health Organization recommends immediate skin-to-skin care for survival of small and preterm babies. But do NICUs really following these guidelines for the smallest and most vulnerable babies, especially those born under 26 weeks of gestation? Join us in a live debate with experts and parents on this controversial topic of early skin-to-skin care in micropreemies in the first 72 hours after birth.

This Preemie Chat takes place on 22 November 2023 at 9 pm PST / 12 pm EST / 6 pm CET.

More information

World Prematurity Day - Campaign material

Together with around 150 parent and patient organisations as well as medical societies and further supporting organisations, we have developed campaign material to raise awareness for preterm birth. Use the hashtag #WorldPrematurityDay2023 when using these graphics and remember to tag @efcni and/or @GlanceNetwork and @glance_network on Instagram. For further information, text templates, information on national and global events as well as all campaign material at a glance, check out our social media toolkit. It provides you with all the input you need for your own World Prematurity Day campaign or activity.

Social media toolkit 2023

World Prematurity Day - Social Media Graphics

World Prematurity Day - Email Signature

World Prematurity Day - LinkedIN banner

World Prematurity Day - Facebook banner

World Prematurity Day - Twitter banner

World Prematurity Day - Logo Badge

Download this logo badge in your language to add it to your website, your own World Prematurity Day material such as press releases,  posts or graphics if you want to show your engagement in this initiative for preterm babies and their families.
Please respect the copyright and do not alter the badge.

Our thanks go to the many supporters who helped us with the translations.

World Prematurity Day - Factsheet

The World Prematurity Day 2023 factsheet includes all important information on this awareness day and campaign at a glance.

World Prematurity Day - Further informative material

Global and country-level preterm birth estimates 

World Prematurity Day - Socks cutting pattern

The famous socks line is the uniting symbol of the Socks for Life campaign. Please download the cutting pattern for a paper version.

Download socks line cutting pattern (in English)
Download Schnittmuster für Söckchenleine (auf Deutsch)

World Prematurity Day - Knitting instructions

If you want to knit socks for (preterm) babies or for preparing a socks line made of cotton socks, please download the knitting instructions.

Download knitting instructions for socks (in English)
Download Strickanleitung für Söckchen (auf Deutsch)