Thermoregulation in preterm infants

Regulation of body temperature is a basic aspect of newborn care. In preterm born babies, this is particularly important since hypothermia is associated with a greater risk of morbidity and mortality. Temperature control can be achieved through various care practices.

For more information on thermoregulation please download our newly developed factsheet. It is available for download in English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, and Russian.

Video interview with Dr. Mark Johnson and Aisling Walsh

Dr. Mark Johnson from the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton (UK) speaks to us about the importance of temperature regulation in newborn babies, with a particular focus on preterm babies. Find out more about the measures taken and challenges faced in thermoregulation by healthcare professionals in the video below.


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Promoting good practice in newborn temperature regulation: Dr. Alok Sharma’s story

© Alok Sharma

Dr. Alok Sharma, consultant neonatologist at Southampton University Hospital, has developed a programme to improve the quality of care for preterm and term born babies which recognises the importance of thermoregulation.

Read his story to find out

  • how he came to realise the importance of thermoregulation in neonatal care,
  • how his multicultural background shaped his approach to neonatal resuscitation measures, and
  • how he improved care practices at Southampton University Hospital and beyond.


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