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Why the EU needs policy recommendations on human milk regulation

An interview with Professor Enrico Bertino, President European Milk Bank Association (EMBA); Representative Union of European Neonatal & Perinatal Societies (UENPS); Neonatal Unit of the University, AOU City of Health and Science of Turin, Italy and member of the expert panel on the policy recommendations on Human Milk Regulation in the EU. EFCNI: Professor Bertino, why was there a need for this project and what was your personal motivation to join the…
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Euro-Peristat – more and better data for perinatal health

Euro-Peristat is a European research project that aims to improve perinatal health. The project collaborators and contributing experts developed common tools to assess perinatal health problems and health care in Europe and to monitor changes over time. These data are needed by clinicians, policy makers and parents for evaluating the situation in their countries and for making decisions about the health and healthcare of pregnant women and newborns. Euro-Peristat makes data available in reports, on their website and in scientific…
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