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Ellerini yikamak kolaydir – “Wash your hands – it’s easy” goes international

Thorough handwashing is an easy and fast health measure. It reduces bacteria on your hands and hence decreases the risk to catch an infection - plus it prevents the spreading of diseases. Our campaign “Wash your hands it’s easy” , which we have designed in coorporation with the Neven Subotic Stiftung, explains the sustainable benefits of handwashing to toddlers, kids and teens. On  World Hand Hygiene Day (5 May) we did not only raise awareness for the importance of hand…
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Charity Festival in Cyprus: “Together we can make miracles happen’’

A guest article by Mora Thavmata (Miracle Babies, Cyprus) This year’s Petrolina Charity Festival, held in Larnaca, Cyprus, was dedicated to the Miracle Babies Association. The vibrant festival welcomed thousands of visitors, most of whom were families with young children. They filled the beachside square with laughter and joy on the afternoon of Sunday, the 23rd of September. All proceeds from the festival were donated to Miracle Babies. Mrs. Stella Kyriakides, Chairwoman of Miracle Babies, said in her address: “I…
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