International Conference on Human Milk Science and Innovation (ICHMSI)


EFCNI partnered the first ICHMSI that was held in Europe , during which EFCNI’s Chairwoman Silke Mader shared her personal story in a presentation about enteral nutrition and long-term outcomes in preterm infants. Explaining that human milk among other things can reduce the risk of serious morbidities sepsis, necrotising enterocolitis and retinopathy of prematurity and also improve neurodevelopmental and other health outcomes.  Mrs Mader than pointed out what could improve the situation for preterm born babies and their parents  in the hospital.  Parents and the NICU staff should get information and training about the nutrition of preterm babies. Lactation support should be offered by qualified staff and parents should be provided with space, equipment, privacy and their own breast pump. These were just a few of the points mentioned.

For more information about the ICHMSI, new findings about the huge impact human milk has on premature babies and the positive effect preterm milk has on the microbiome scan our social media channels for #ICHMSI .

EFCNI warmly thanks Prolacta Bioscience for the opportunity to be the co-partner of this event.