Ellerini yikamak kolaydir – “Wash your hands – it’s easy” goes international

Thorough handwashing is an easy and fast health measure. It reduces bacteria on your hands and hence decreases the risk to catch an infection – plus it prevents the spreading of diseases. Our campaign “Wash your hands it’s easy” , which we have designed in coorporation with the Neven Subotic Stiftung, explains the sustainable benefits of handwashing to toddlers, kids and teens.

On  World Hand Hygiene Day (5 May) we did not only raise awareness for the importance of hand hygiene, we could also proudly announce that our range of campaign materials now also features posters and colouring pictures in Turkish. In collaboration with our Turkish partner organisation El bebek gül bebek, we could finalise these new materials which can be downloaded on our campaign website. So yes, the amount of germs is in fact growing – but only the harmless ones, no worries. For those of you who speak German, we would love to invite you to try out our new card game “Seifetto”. It teaches children in a fun and informative way, why clean hands are so important. The game can also be downloaded (on the German speaking project page) and with a few steps – you will need at least a pair of scissors – you are ready for some fun and facts about germs, soap and hands, as clean as a whistle. 


Follow the links below for further information and materials:

Wash your hands – it’s easy (English)

Einfach Händewaschen (Deutsch)

Posters and colouring pictures in Turkish