Pregnancy and childbirth in times of COVID-19: Parent organisation “Ranni Ptashky – Early Birds” launches webinar series in Ukraine

© Ranni Ptashky

The global COVID-19 pandemic has posed particular challenges to families around the world, especially those who had or are expecting a baby in the midst of it. Hospitals put safety measures into place in order to keep staff and patients from contracting and spreading COVID-19, at times with harsh consequences. For new and expecting parents, this has made pregnancy, childbirth, and life postpartum more difficult to navigate and added further levels of stress and anxiety.

This is why we are delighted to report on a wonderful new initiative by the Ukrainian parent organisation “Ranni Ptashky – Early Birds” which aims at educating and informing parents as they go through pregnancy and childbirth in the midst of the pandemic. In partnership with the Ukrainian Association of Neonatologist, GLANCE, and EFCNI, “Ranni Ptashky” has set up a series of webinars which was launched on 4 March.

Entitled “Zero Separation Smart Talks”, the series consists of seven individual events in which a range of interdisciplinary experts discusses pregnancy, childbirth, and how to take care of your newborn during a global pandemic. It also addresses how to keep your baby and your family safe from COVID-19 and highlights the importance of zero separation of parents and their babies in the hospital.

© Ranni Ptashky

The individual talks have been conceptualised according to the principles of SMART (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, timed). Hence, each event focuses on one specific topic, such as how to breastfeed safely in the pandemic. Likewise, each session will draw measurable, meaning clear and logical, conclusions to provide guidance to parents. Each talk is assigned not only a specific topic but also an expert speaker who will present helpful information and a realistic assessment of parents’ situation and their options. Finally, to stay focused, each event is timed to last about 60 minutes and takes place every two weeks. Participation is open to all and free of charge. The talks are held in Ukrainian and, at times, also in Russian and English.

The webinar series is organized as part of the initiative “European Union for the Sustainability of Civil Society in Ukraine” and funded by “Ednannia”, the Civil Society Organization “The Initiative Center to Support Social Action Ednannia”. EFCNI is proud to support this webinar series since it empowers and supports parents to make the best decisions for their families in these challenging times.

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