Evidence and Excellence in Perinatal Care – BAPM and EBNEO Conference 2019 in Newcastle

Silke Mader (EFCNI); copyright: Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

The British Association of Perinatal Medicine (BAPM) Annual Conference and Scientific Meeting, in partnership with Evidence-Based Neonatology (EBNEO), took place in Newcastle from 11-13 September 2019.
Silke Mader presented in a very insightful way the European parent perspective drawing from experience. The Chairwoman of EFCNI pointed out the differences and inequalities in newborn care in European countries and referred to the long term consequences of preterm birth. Silke Mader highlighted insistently how important it is to treat parents as equal partners. The atmosphere at the conference was filled with emotions and call to action mentality. The programme was high-class and convincing and gained from the presentations and contributions of many international speakers.

The BAPM Annual Meeting was a success with around 200 neonatal experts attending. The conference is for everyone who is interested in delivering quality care to babies and their families including consultants and trainees in neonatal medicine and obstetrics, nurse practitioners, nurses, allied health care professionals, parents and advocacy organizations’.

The event took place at the Northumbria University in the City Campus East Building.
Silke Mader really appreciated the opportunity to speak on the congress – A big thank you goes to BAPM and EBNEO.

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