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GLANCE: Global Call to Action for Newborn Care – Japan is taking action

In November 2019, the Global Call to Action for Newborn Care was published. In 8 political demands, the Call to Action strives to advance the care for babies born too soon, too small or too sick and the support given to their families. Up to now the Global Call to Action for Newborn Care is available in 22 languages, Japanese being one of them. The International Communication Committee of the Japan Academy of Neonatal Nurses (JANN), supported us to translate…
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EFCNI’s global initiative The Global Alliance for Newborn Care – GLANCE – is taking shape

One year ago, we went public about the founding of GLANCE, the Global Alliance for Newborn Care for the first time and shared the news about this big endeavour with our network. A lot has happened since then and we were delighted to present with our supporters and fellow organisations, how much we were able to realise in regards to our primary objectives with GLANCE. It was our pleasure to present the many small and big steps we managed to…
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GLANCE – Global Alliance For Newborn Care

The new project website is now online On the occasion of World Prematurity Day, the website of our latest global project GLANCE, which was launched in January 2019, went online! Learn all you want to know about this project, its history, its vision and mission and get to know the founding and the committee members on  There you will also find contact details and further information if you would like to join GLANCE. GLANCE stands for Global Alliance for…
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