07 September 2018

Lighthouse project: Baby simulator doll Paul helps to train emergency scenarios with preterm babies

A guest article by Dr Rangmar Goelz and Dr Karen Kreutzer from the University Children’s Hospital Tübingen Last year, the neonatal ward in the University Clinic Tübingen/Germany started, as one...
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28 August 2018

The role of fathers in breastfeeding

Men can play an important role when it comes to breastfeeding. Within our monthly topic of “Nutrition”, we wanted to get to the bottom of this issue and talked to...
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23 August 2018

Human milk banking

A guest article by Professor Jean-Charles Picaud, President of European Milk Bank Association (EMBA) Health benefits of breastfeeding are well-known in healthy term infants. These benefits are even greater in...
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17 August 2018

Kangaroo sweaters for Hungarian hospital

Thanks to numerous donors, and with the support of Laura Bavalics on behalf of her husband PhD. Zack Boukydis' memory fund, we supplied the NICU in Miskolc, Hungary, with so...
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06 August 2018

Lighthouse Project: Human milk is the best for infants

A guest article by Dr Margarita Tzaki, Director of the Neonatology Department / NICU at ELENA VENIZELOU hospital in Athens, Greece The ELENA VENIZELOU hospital in Athens, Greece, was founded...
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30 July 2018

Lighthouse Project: Palliative Care and grief counselling in Peri- und Neonatology

New guiding principles published - a remarkable project in the field of "Ethical decision-making and palliative care" a guest article by Katarina Eglin from the German Federal association "Das frühgeborene...
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27 July 2018

Lighthouse Project: the neonatal butterfly project – support for grieving parents and guidance for health professionals

July is the month where we shed light on the complex and sensitive topic of ethical decision making and palliative care in neonatology and obstetrics. One outstanding project as part...
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19 July 2018

EFCNI roundtable on neonatal parenteral nutrition

On 4 July 2018, experts from various European countries came together in Munich, Germany, for the EFCNI roundtable on neonatal parenteral nutrition. Parenteral nutrition is a feeding therapy that provides...
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09 July 2018

There is a great need for urgent pan-European harmonisation

An interview with Professor Charles Christoph Roehr, President of the European Society for Paediatric Research, on the topic Medical care and clinical practice In terms of medical practice in neonatology...
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27 June 2018

Surfactant replacement therapy – a milestone in neonatology

The Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) is a lung disorder that is mostly seen in preterm babies, especially those born before week 30. It is caused by a lack of surfactant,...
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