Interview with Monique Oude Reimer-van Kilsdonk and Odile Frauenfelder on Care Procedures

Photo credit (left to right): Monique Oude Reimer-van Kilsdonk (Netherlands) and Odile Frauenfelder (Netherlands)

The Topic Expert Group on Care Procedures works on topics such as comfort care, daily care routines, expert procedures and monitoring of vital functions. This month, we asked Monique Oude Reimer-van Kilsdonk and Odile Frauenfelder, the Chair Team of the Topic Expert Group on Care Procedures, some questions on important issues in this field.

EFCNI: What would you say are the most important topics in the field of Care Procedures?
It is difficult to say that one or two topics are the most important in this field. We as the Topic Expert Group on Care Procedures think that the most important thing is raising awareness. Furthermore, there are not only technical skills which are important. Also knowledge and capabilities concerning topics such as comfort and involvement of parents and the inclusion of health professionals are important aspects to consider.

EFCNI: Why are they so important?
Because parents and professionals should work hand in hand and cooperate as a team. They should speak the same language in the units when it comes to the care of the baby.

EFCNI: What are the major challenges in Care Procedures in Europe?
There is a wide range of Standards of Care in Europe. The involvement of parents and families is not the same in every European country. Changing daily care at the bedside needs good management in a broad perspective – not only for care givers but also in management at the community and national level. Furthermore, it should be obligatory to continuously read and know the latest research to be able to work as evidence-based as possible. Hereby, language barriers can be a major challenge.

EFCNI: How would you wish the field to develop? What is your wish for the future of the field of Care procedures?
We wish that organisations such as governments, hospital managers and bedside professionals will invest more in the provision of high-quality care procedures and constantly promote the implementation of standards. High-quality care goes along with the involvement of parents. Therefore healthcare professionals ought to regard parents as an essential part of the team.

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