The EFCNI Changemaker Map

We want to show the world that people internationally work together to change the situation for preterm infants and their families.

Add your events and milestones to the map to show what you achieved in your country. You may use your own language for the entry. Once added, your input will stay on the website and can be read by many people around the world.

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That this is a Google-generated World Map. The shapes and borders of the countries are not meant to imply any political boundaries. EFCNI acknowlegdes that there are territories within dispute. The boundaries, names and designations used do by no means imply the expression of any opinion by EFCNI.

The umbrella campaign Socks for Life was initiated in 2013, kindly supported by Dräger. Special thanks to Dräger for supporting the campaign from 2013 to 2015.