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World Prematurity Day on 17 November is one of the most important days in the year to raise awareness of the challenges and burden of preterm birth globally. The day was initiated by EFCNI and partnering European parent organisations in 2008. The international co-founders LittleBigSouls (Africa), March of Dimes (USA) and National Premmie Foundation (Australia) joined the celebrations and made World Prematurity Day an intercontinental movement. Meanwhile, countless individuals and organisations from more than 100 countries join forces with activities, special events and commit to action to help address preterm birth and improve the situation of preterm babies and their families.

Everyone is warmly invited to join this day with activities or events: parent organisations, hospitals, non-profit organisations, healthcare professionals, societies, companies, politicians, media, and individuals. No matter how much time, money or manpower you are able to spare – even with simple things you can make a difference!

The typical socksline and purple lightings have become symbols of World Prematurity Day. The purple colour in the visual identity stands for sensitivity and exceptionality.

It is important to show the world the united voice of all those committed to preterm babies and their families: Please help us in putting together a complete review of the worldwide activities, by entering your activity and the difference you make on the EFCNI Changemaker Map. Once added, your input will stay online and can be read by many people around the world.

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World Prematurity Day 2017 material

We are happy to provide you with the following material for your World Prematurity Day activities: 

  • Factsheet (in English)
  • World Prematurity Day toolkit (in English and German)
  • High Resolution Logo (in about languages)
  • Poster Template (in about 40 languages)
  • Facebook Cover (in about 40 languages)
  • Twitter Cover (in English)
  • Facebook and Twitter Profile Picture
  • Email Signature Banner (in English)
  • Socks line cutting pattern (in English and German)
  • Knitting instructions (in English and German)


You may use the material free of charge. Feel free to add the content of your organisation to the poster.

Providing the toolkit and graphic material is the work of many creative individuals and involves time and expenses for EFCNI. Therefore, we call on you to please note the following rules for the appropriate use of the material:

Guidelines for the use of World Prematurity Day templates

  • Feel free to support your partner organisations or hospitals with the poster template and/or Facebook cover
  • Do not alter the image – it is what makes us recognizable around the world
  • Feel free to add the logos and names of your individual supporters and partners but do not remove or change the EFCNI logo
  • Use any World Prematurity Day material we offer only for raising awareness, for fundraising and information. Do NOT use the material for marketing or sales purposes of products or services
  • Do not alter the layout and design of the templates (e.g. colour, type, composition)

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World Prematurity Day factsheet

Please find summarised information on this awareness day in our updated World Prematurity Day Factsheet.

Download Factsheet

World Prematurity Day toolkit

For more detailed information on the World Prematurity Day campaign, please refer to this toolkit. 

Download English toolkit

Download German toolkit

The German toolkit is a special issue referring to the initiative "Strong start for little heroes".

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Twitter cover

Please download here

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Facebook and Twitter profile picture

Please download here

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Email signature banner

Please download here

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Special Thanks

to the EFCNI premium and silver partners AbbVie, Baxter, Natus, Nestlé Nutrition, Philips Avent, Shire, and DSM for supporting the issuing of the campaign material for World Prematurity Day 2017.  

We warmly thank our partner organisations for helping us with the translation of the poster template. Special thanks to Professor Mats Blennow, Dr Morten Breindahl, Dr Chao-Huei Chen, Wakako Elklund, Professor Pierre Kuhn, Professor Ola D. Saugstad, Dr Amanda Smildzere and Dr Mohammed Reza Zarkesh.

We thank the company COMEO for the design and their valuable support.

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