25th European Congress of Perinatal Medicine (ECPM)

ECPM 2016

The XXV European Congress of Perinatal Medicine (ECPM Congress), organised by the European Association of Perinatal Medicine (EAPM), took place from 15 to 18 June 2016 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. It was the third Socks for Life exposition at an international scientific event after the jENS congress in Budapest and the WCPM in Madrid in 2015.

At the ECPM congress, the Socks for Life statements were displayed on six eye-catching wide-screen ceiling banners with the size of 4.5 square meters each (about 50 square feet!) in the congress hall. The messages couldn’t stay unnoticed by the participants and led to many interesting discussions.

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12th World Congress of Perinatal Medicine (WCPM)

WCPM 2015

At the World Congress of Perinatal Medicine in Madrid, Spain, the Socks for Life campaign was introduced to 3.000 experts, parents and further interested participants.

In addition to its usual booth, EFCNI also brought a themed banner exhibition to the congress. The banner exhibition was part of the Socks for Life campaign. In addition to the 11 banners also displayed at the jENS congress in Budapest, it presented the stories of 10 “Little Heroes”. “Little Heroes” are children who were born preterm and who – by telling their stories – show their individuality, the richness of their lives and why it is worth helping each child to the best start in life.

With World Prematurity Day just around the corners, we also took the opportunity to inform congress attendees about World Prematurity Day, ways to get involved and how World Prematurity Day and Socks for Life can be combined. To draw the attention of everyone to this special day, we created a video which was displayed in the entrance area and close to our booth throughout the congress.

International kick-off of the campaign at the jENS congress

jENS 2015

At the jENS congress in Budapest, Hungary, we celebrated the international kick-off of the Socks for Life campaign. The congress was an ideal opportunity to invite healthcare professionals as well as parents to join the campaign and to support our mission. The campaign sparked the visitors’ interest: More than 2,600 people were reached at the congress and more than 33,000 people worldwide followed the campaign's social media communication.

The attendees of the congress received a first impression of the campaign in the opening ceremony. Visitors were invited to learn more about Socks for Life and the many opportunities to join the campaign in a short movie which was shown on TV screens at the entrance of the hall and on the congress app. Free-hanging banners, spread across the ceiling of the congress site, illustrated Socks for Life principles, which have been developed by a group of experts as part of our project European Standards of Care for Newborn Health. Each of these images and slogans referred to one of the eleven topics like Birth and transfer, Care procedures or NICU design aiming to inspire healthcare professionals to live the Socks for Life spirit during their everyday work.

To underline the idea of Socks for Life, the gallery of Socks for Life images was accompanied by special marketing material like branded lanyards, a factsheet and a give-away in the congress bags where attendees found an explanatory booklet and a disinfection spray. Healthcare professionals, representatives of parent organisations and others interested came to our booth to receive additional information. We were pleased with the positive response - hundreds of participants took some information home with them for their colleagues and care teams.

Video of the opening ceremony of jENS 2015

Video Socks for Life

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