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World Prematurity Day 2014

In November 2014 we will celebrate the 4th worldwide awareness day for prematurity. In 2013 more than 60 countries worldwide celebrated the day and raised awareness for prematurity, newborn and maternal health. 1,4 billion people around the globe were reached. Last year, our art project SOCKS FOR LIFE  was a big success. Many organizations, societies, hospitals, privat sector organisations, individuals and for the first time ever artists and their networks took part and gave preterm infants and their families a voice. Warmest thanks to all of you who joined in!

This year, we want to place the true little heroes into the centre of our activities for World Prematurity Day 2014. Behind every number, there is a personal story. A story of life, that has to be told and a little hero who is showing the world that life is worth fighting for.  

Our message:

1 baby in 10 is born premature. Worldwide.

Tiny socks, big dreams.


This year, we will provide you with:

  • World Prematurity Day Tool Kit
  • Illumination Tool Kit
  • Poster template
  • Facebook cover
  • Email signature banner

For more information on the common activity please refer to our tool kit: 

World Prematurity Day Tool Kit for "Little Heroes" activities and Attachments

World Prematurity Day Tool Kit for "Illumination" activities and Attachment


Thank you to all our partner organisations for helping us with the translation of the poster template. Special thanks to Prof. Mats Blenno, Dr. Morten Breindahl, Dr. Chao-Huei Chen, Wakako Elklund, Dr. Pierre Kuhn, Prof. Ola D. Saugstad, Dr. Amanda Smildzere. 


Poster Template

We are very happy to provide you with a poster template for all your activities around World Prematurity Day in 34 languages. 

You may use the poster and Facebook templates free of charge. Feel free to add the content of your organisation to the poster, however, please respect the following guidelines:

  • Feel free to add the logos and names of your individual supporters and partners but please do not remove the EFCNI logo 
  • Feel free to support your partner organisations or hospitals with the poster template and Facebook cover 
  • Please do not alter the official template/ key visual
  • Please use the WPD key visual material only for rising awareness, not for marketing or sales purposes 

E-Mail Signature

E-mail Signature with EFCNI Logo

Special Thanks

to the EFCNI premium partners AbbVie, Nestlé Nutrition and Dräger for supporting the creation of the campaign poster for World Prematuity Day 2014.

We warmly thank the company COMEO for the design and their valuable support.

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