Donation for a special occasion

Joyful moments but also sad occasions are part of everyone's life. These moments can be reason to think about people in need.

If you want to send a message of hope and use your special occasion with your beloved ones to help preterm and ill born babies and their families, please do not hesitate to contact us: Together, we can find a suitable solution for your donation.

Following ideas can be helpful for your occasion:

Full of joy: give a donation instead of a gift

Are you planning a birthday party, a wedding or anniversary and you are already perfectly happy and thinking about waiving personal gifts? With a donation instead of a gift you can combine your special event and your social engagement: Ask your guests to give a donation to EFCNI instead of a gift. With a personalised "donation-code" your guests can make their donations. We will not mention or publish any names or amounts of single donations but the total sum of the entire contribution. 

Grief turns into hope

Pain and grief are our first, natural response to the loss of a beloved one. But sometimes, the time to say goodbye can be more comforting if you can turn your grief into hope for others, and in particular for those children who have to start their life with a challenging battle. You may consider to ask relatives and friends for a donation to EFCNI instead of a flower funeral wreath. Through this invaluable gesture of help, you give hope to many babies and their families and add your voice to our fight for the best start in life for every baby.

Collaborative Consultation for Family Centred Care

The Collaborative Consultation for Family Centred Care programme is established in memory of Zack Boukydis, Ph.D.

Dr Boukydis believed his work was a calling. Collaborative Consultation for Family Centred Care expresses the hope to carry on his work and everything he believed in. 

All funds and donations we receive through this programme will entirely be used to support projects such as the Close Collaboration with Parents training, but also organisations, professionials or activities that support the parent-infant relationship in the perinatal period. 

Dr Boukydis, psychologist by training, was a highly esteemed colleague, an expert in early infant development and support of infants and parents, editor, co-editor and author of different publications and books (among them the book "Collaborative Consultationi with Parents and Infants in the Perinatal Period") and one of the three developers of the Close Collaboration with Parents training for the multiprofessional healthcare teams of neonatal intensive care units. The goal of the training is to change the care culture in a unit in order to include parents as partners in the care of a hospitalized newborn. 

Read more information about Dr Boukydis' life and his training programme Close Collaboration with Parents.

If you want to support his idea and belief, you can make a donation to the Collaborative Consultation for Family Centred Care programme here

Contact us

Please contact us directly: Together, we tailor your project of the heart with a sustainable, best possible outcome! 

It goes without saying that you will be informed about every step of the project. 

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