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As the voice of preterm infants and their parents, our work relies on educating the general public, raising awareness for preterm birth and promoting the issue with professional and political stakeholders. Together with our partners we are determined to put our vision into practice. Our projects include:

Developing European Standards of Care for Newborn Health

EFCNI initiated and coordinates the project which brings together health experts, professional societies, civil society organisations, representatives of national parent organisations, third party advisors and industry partners. Together, they are developing harmonised standards for the care of preterm and newborn infants with illnesses in Europe.

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World Prematurity Day

Since 2009, 17 November is the official day to raise awareness for preterm infants worldwide. Initiated by EFCNI and various organisations, it is now celebrated in more than 100 countries with countless activities, reaching more than 1.6 billion people worldwide. 

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Socks for Life

Socks for Life is a year-round worldwide campaign where people join forces and work in partnership to make a difference for preterm birth and its consequences for affected families. Everyone is warmly invited to join Socks for Life. Together we are strong and any activity, however small it may seem helps to make a difference and improves the situation for preterm babies and their families.

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Policy and Action

An important aspect of our work is to evaluate the situation of preterm infants and their families in Europe. We aim at highlighting the key concerns of this growing patient group and give politicians, healthcare representatives, parent organisations, and other concerned stakeholders a good basis for their decisions.

In our European Benchmark Report „Too little, too late” (click here for German version) (2009/2010) we give an overview on the impact of preterm birth across Europe. The report paints a compelling picture of the differences that exist in levels of care and the lack of national health strategies concerning maternal and newborn health.

Based on the findings, we published “Caring for Tomorrow -  the EFCNI White Paper on Maternal and Newborn Health and Aftercare” in 2011/2012. The publication offers recommendations on how to improve existing healthcare plans for maternal and newborn health and hopes to inspire the development of national healthcare strategies and programmes. 

Alongside the White Paper, we launched a European-wide Call to Action for Newborn Health, 10 demands by parents and health professionals to ensure that every baby born in Europe gets the best best start in life.


Our Brochures

1 in 10 babies is born premature. Worldwide. Still, many expecting families are unaware of possible ways to prevent a preterm delivery. Once a baby is born too soon, many parents feel left alone and lack information about their situation. With our brochures we help expecting parents and parents of preterm infants to receive the information they need to find their parental role and self-confidence in caring for their baby. 

The brochure bonding and care for the preterm infant "Bindung & Pflege von Frühgeborenen" addresses parents or families of newly born preterm children. They receive valuable tips on how to bond with their baby and how to be involved in the care for their baby while they are in the neonatal intensive care unit. The content of the brochure in English language can be found on our homepage here. 

The pregnancy brochure “Gesund schwanger” was developed together with many renown experts and provides expecting parents with the most important information about how to have a healthy pregnancy - to give their child  from the very beginning the best conditions for a healthy life.  

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