What happened on World Prematurity Day 2012


Celine Dion supported World Prematurity Day 2012

International superstar Celine Dion was lending her support to World Prematurity Day to help raise awareness of the 15 million babies born too soon each year around the world. Click on her photo to see her video:

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Share your story on WPD facebook page

World Prematurity Day Facebook Page

A global social media outreach aimed at increasing awareness of preterm birth, evoking compassion for preterm babies and a desire to address the problem. To reach people around the globe and create a surge of awareness, we were grateful for the support and engagement of all partners.
Actions we asked people to include “liking” our shared WPD Facebook page, posting their stories to a global map and commenting on posts in the timeline and adding their own. These interactions with the page, as well as the number of tweets around the issue, were a way we could measure our success.

Please help promoting the World Prematurity Facebook page via your organization’s Facebook page and Twitter account beginning in the middle of October and continuing through November 17. As a rough guideline, consider promoting WPD through your social networks once a week in October and twice a week in November.

Here is the link to the global World Prematurity Day Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/worldprematurityday

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World Prematurity socks line campaign poster

Socks lines show impact of prematurity across the world

Many parents’ organisations, associations, societies, professionals but also many companies and individuals around the globe joined us in celebrating November 17 as World Prematurity Day. A multitude of events and activities were organized to draw attention to the problems and risks related to prematurity.

In the light of the previous year’s success of the manifold socks line activities organised thoughout Europe and worldwide to celebrate World Prematurity Day, parents’ organisations opted to pursue the socks line idea also this year to promote the awareness day in a common campaign.

Following the wish of many, EFCNI gladly furnished a poster with the socks line and the slogan "one baby in ten is born premature. worldwide. " that has been adapted into 26 European languages.

It can be easily localized and used for various activities that will be organized to celebrate World Prematurity Day 2012 on 17 November. We warmly invite you to use the poster and and adapt it with your logo and  a text on your individual event accordingly, but please do not include any sponsoring partners.

You may download the poster for free in your language: 

Socks line poster World Prematurity Day 2012

Bulgarian      Czech      Danish      Dutch      English      Estonian     

Finnish   French    German      Greek      Hungarian     Italian     

Latvian   Lithuanian      Maltese    Macedonian      Norwegian      

Polish     Portuguese      Romanian      Serbian    Slovakian     

Slovenian     Spanish    Swedish    Turkish

Special Thanks

to the EFCNI premium partners AbbVie, Nestlé Nutrition, PerkinElmer and Dräger for supporting the creation of the campaign poster for World Prematuity Day 2012.

We warmly thank the company COMEO for the design and their valuable support.

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Shine a light on World Prematurity Day 2012

For World Prematurity Day 2012, the Global Alliance invited everyone - from global organisations to individuals in all countries - to demonstrate our unity for the sake of our most vulnerable children and their families by joining the Global Illumination Initiative.

The Global Illumination Initiative provided an opportunity to collectively show our concern and encourage those concerned by the illuminating landmarks, buildings, monuments etc. in a purple light.

To assist you in this ambitious project, EFCNI developed a "toolkit" containing information, ideas, sample letters and a letter of support from EFCNI and the Global Alliance to endorse your project.

We are delighted if you decided to join this exciting worldwide initiative and are very pleased that Europe and the world lit up in purple throughout November 2012 so that together, we could send a very powerful message of support and encouragement to the world.

This Global Illumination Initiative could accompany your national and/or local events and activities. The  "ene mene mini." campaign and "socks lines" activities also continued throughout this year's World Prematurity Day.

A selection of national activities - Europe


  • EFCNI WPD 2011

Vlaamse Vereniging voor Ouders van Couveusekinderen (VVOC)

 VVOC asked the Health Minister to support preterm infants on the occasion of World Prematurity Day. Here the press release of the Declaration of Engagement in the kabinet of the Minister of Health.
Dutch: prez.ly/97c
French: prez.ly/B7c
A congress in St Jan hospital AZ in Brugge was held for the opening of a new NICU.  Dr. F. Vandevoorde and Dr. F. Claerhout from Brugge, PhD, Prof. Dr. L. Devries from Utrecht Netherlands, Prof. Dr. H. Devlieger from Leuven, Dhr. H. Van Rompuy President European Council  were speakers at this event.
Families met and had a nice time during the family day in Circus Bruul, one of the largest indoor playgrounds in Belgium
In 9 NICU’s and 24 low level neonatal units, parents received a nice gift from VVOC. Most of the units in Belgium organised an information desk or other activities, such as socks lines events as here in front of the Atomium in Brussels. Posters and flyers of the “ene,mene,mini”-campaign were distributed in the units as well.

Click here to see Belgium in the news on the occasion of World Prematurity Day: http://www.rtl.be/info/belgique/societe/922282/un-peu-plus-de-8-des-naissances-sont-prematurees-en-belgique



Our premature children

The parent organisation “Our premature children” organized a multitude of events in several cities with an emphasis on the capital Sofia: They managed to illuminate the Sofia Municipality, socks lines were hung up, and hundreds of balloons were released-every 10th being tiny and purple, as every 10th baby is born preterm. Already one week before WPD there were open days in neonatal wards where parents were informed and participated in round tables with experts to discuss issues in neonatology and prevention of preterm birth. A movie was broadcasted in the National Assembly to attract attention of the authorities. Nina Nikolova from Our Premature Children and her children were on national TV BNT1 as well!

On top, a celebration/party for premature infants and their parents was held in a big hospital in Sofia. Click here too see a press release about World Prematurity Day in Silven, Bulgaria where a 100 years old oak was the centre of attention : http://new.sliven.net/sys/news/index.php?id=91692

See here World Prematurity Day on TV in Bulgaria:




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Croatia WPD 2011

Klub roditelja nedonoščadi „ Palčići“

A charity concert on November 16 was held to enable the purchase of medical equipment that is still lacking in Croatia for adequate treatment and care of preterm babies. The concert was also broadcasted on national TV and a call centre where also celebrities participated, including even the Prime Minister of Croatia took place. The entire week, stories around preterm birth were broadcasted on TV.

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  • Cyprus WPD 2011

Friends of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Association

In Cyprus, a socks line in the NICU at Makareios Hospital was presented.  In the morning of November 17, a cycling event was organised through the capital Nicosia, on each bike a socks line being attached. In the evening, the Venetian walls in Nicosia were illuminated, lasting still for the whole week. The Venetian Walls were built in the 16th century during the Venetian rule and is the biggest fortification structure on the island.
Furthermore, a painting exhibition was opened with young known artists participating. Part of the exhibition are drawings from preterm children. A children’s theatre about prematurity is also presented for a week in all capital schools.
On November 18 a Harley Davidsons' team drove from Pafos to the Venetian walls, carrying a small incubator with a preterm baby-doll in it.

In all these events and throughout the week, the media was involved, including press releases as well as broadcasts on TV and radio.


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Czech Republic

  • Cyprus WPD 2011


In Czech Republic World Prematurity Day was celebrated with various events. Nedoclubko organized a beneficiary concert for a hospital in Havlickuv. A messe was celebrated for premature babies on 17 November. Preemie stories were presented on TV Nova. To watch the TV programme, please click here.

The monestary Emauzy in Prague was illuminated purple for World Prematurity Day.

Watch here a reportage for World prematurity Day in Czech Republic at Czech main programme TV1.

You can read the press release from Nedoklubko on their website.




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  • Dräger socks line WPD 2012

PerkinElmer in Finland joins in knitting socks

Employees of Perkin Elmer in Turku, Finland joined in knitting baby socks for World Prematurity Day. In the end, more than 260 socks were hanging on the line. All socks were given to the newborn department at Turku University Hospital. For every pair of socks, the Turku site donated a small sum of money to the prematurity department in Turku University Central Hospital. On Friday 16th, a little celebration took place at the company site. During this event, the daughter of one of Wallac's employees who was born 10 weeks too soon, presented her personal story. 



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  • France WPD 2011

SOS Préma

On the occasion of World Prematutity Day, SOS Prema was at Assemblée Nationale (French Parliament). A press release at French Parliament was published on November 12, 2012.

SOS Préma launched a « Collectif Prematurité » which gathers parents, represented by SOS Prema, and doctors,  represented by Société Française de Néonatalogie. The aim of this collectif is to alert French government and members of Parliament about the emergency to have a policy dedicated to premature babies. This is the first step of a long work with the support of all actors in the field of preterm birth in France : parents, medical staff, politicians, media and partners.

Many of local correspondants of SOS Préma organized events in different parts of France. Want to see World Prematurity Day and SOS Préma in the news?Click on this link: http://www.nicerendezvous.com/car/2012111610680/nice-prematurite-journee-mondiale-2012-sos-prema-zumba-party-quartier-saint-roch.html


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  • Bundesverband WPD 2011

Many regional groups and hospitals avtively promoted the socks line campaign all over Germany. Parent organizations but also health institutions organized celebrations, information stands and press conferences in different cities.

The local parent organization in Heidelberg organized visits to the neo-natal intensive care units (NICUs) and a celebration at the zoo where children who were born preterm made prints of the hands. Additionally, a radio report about the organization's work regarding their programme of care of preterm infants and their parents after discharge from hospital was broadcasted on 16 & 17 November on the regional stations SWR 4 and SWR1.

The university hospital together with the foundation Universitätsmedizin Essen collected over 1000 voices for preterm infants at the fair Gesund Leben on the occasion of World Prematurity Day. Click here to read the article.

Dräger employees knit socks for World Prematurity Day

To raise awareness for the largest child patient group in Europe, Dräger employees knitted more than 950 pairs of preemie socks on the occasion of World Prematurity Day 2012 and donated them to the charity. The socks are a symbol of the initiative „ene, mene, mini. One baby in ten is born premature. Worldwide", which Dräger has launched together with the European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants (EFCNI). Every year 15 million babies are born prematurely - approximately 500,000 of which are in Europe alone. Alongside parents' organisations, experts, politicians and partners from all over Europe, we are campaigning for the tiniest members of our society. To give every baby a strong start in life!


  • Bundesverband WPD 2011


In October “Ilitominon” started already a public awareness campaign. A press conference for World Prematurity Day was held on November 21. Parents were informed about the WPD with leaflets and posters during a campaign on breastfeeding taking place in three major cities in Greece throughout November. The campaign was organized by the biggest national website on breastfeeding under the auspices of the Greek National Committee of UNICEF. Additionally, Ilitominon had an event with socks and balloons in the yard of a Maternity Hospital in Athens.

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  • Bundesverband WPD 2011


KORE organized a public event at one of the historic squares of Budapest. Invited were parents, doctors, nurses and different organizations dealing with preterm birth. Representatives of the written media, radio and television were invited, too.
On this event KORE and the parents expanded a long socks line on the square. People had the opportunity to donate clothes and used toys for preterm babies. Tea and snacks were also offered to the participants.

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  • Irish WPD 2011

Irish Premature Babies

“Irish Premature Babies” (IPB) organized plenty of events for World Prematurity Day:

Nov 15- Positive Steps for Prematurity Breakfast Meeting at the Royal College of Physicians  in Dublin with speeches of various scientists and experts

Nov-15 Presentation to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children in the Irish Parliament by Mandy Daly, Family Liaison Manager of  IPB

Nov 15 Presentation at the IDNIC (Infant Development in Neonatal Intensive Care-Ireland) Meeting , Dublin by Mandy Daly, Family Liaison Manager- Parents as a Force for Change

Nov 17 National Coffee Morning

Nov 17 Illumination Project where many buildingswere illuminated purple: Liberty Hall, Dublin; The Convention Centre, Dublin; Clearys Department Store, Dublin; The Mansion House (home of the Lord Mayor), Dublin; Cork City Hall, Cork

Nov 17 The Knit for Tiny Togs campaign: hampers of knitted garments were distributed to all the NICUS and SCBUS around Ireland

PR Sock Campaign: Leading up to the week of World Prematurity Awareness Day, IPB embarked on the socks line campaign and showed pictures of both famous landmarks and famous celebrities holding the socks line to the world.

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  • Israel WPD 2012

LAHAV – For The Premature Babies in Israel

The International Prematurity Day was mentioned nationally in 6/11/2012, at “Dyada center” – the Israeli center for birth guidance and parenting methods – participating: Parliament members, the IPF, leading physicians and parents to preemies.  A special exhibition of preemies pictures taken by their parents in the NICU’s, to be shown at “Dyada center”.

Watch a video here:


  • Irish WPD 2011

Vivere Onlus Coordinamento Nazionale delle Associazioni per la Neonatologia (National Coordination of Associations for Neonatology)

The national parent association Vivere Onlus had been increasing public awareness thorough social media campaigning on facebook and twitter. Its local parent organizations organized many initiatives throughout the country.

In Florence, the parent organization "Piccino Picciò" illuminated on 17 November throughout the whole weekend the Fountain of Neptune on the Piazza della Signiora in the core of the city, in cooperation with Vivere Onlus and under the patronage of Florence Municipality. In Bologna, the twin towers were illuminated by the Bolognian parent organization La Chiocciola Onlus. Also Ragusa in Sicily illuminated a monument and presented the tiny socks line.

Lines of socks and informative material about WPD were delivered to most of the cities' hospitals. Furthermore, a "Carte dei Diritti del Bambino Prematuro" (Paper of Rights of Premature Babiers) was presented in meetings throughout the country.

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  • WPD Latvia 2012

Latvian Neonatal Society

Even though just one day before Latvia's 94th birthday, World Prematurity Day was celebrated in Latvia's capital, Riga with many events:

A musical service at Riga Cathedral with many eminent Latvian artists performing in it was held. A special photo exhibition “I was born earlier” with photos taken by Juris Beikmanis showed the feeblest babies and their parents in the Children’s Clinical University Hospital.

A World Prematurity Day flag-raising event was celebrated at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital. The symbol of the World Prematurity Day in Latvia is an infinity sign. Special light art objects were dedicated to the premature babies within the festival of light “Staro Rīga”.

The Riga Maternity Hospital turned into an object “Forms of Life”. On occasion of the light project “Touches” everyone had an opportunity to see photos of the tiny babies on the facade of Jana seta. “Staro Rīga” is an international festival of light that brings thousands of visitors to the capital of Latvia every year and will be held for the fifth time. The number of light objects increases annually thanks to the extensive responsiveness of national and international artists.

Watch this video promoting World Prematurity Day in Latvia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_k3tBv_QFo

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  • Bundesverband WPD 2011

Lithuania premature baby association "Neisnesiotukas"

In Lithuania, World Prematurity Day was celebrated one day in advance on the 16th.

The "Life tree" in Santarišk?s Clinics was opened. "Life tree" is for honoring every premature baby. On this occasion, parents could sign their babies' names on a tree.
Families gathered in a "Toy museum", the only in the Baltic countries. There, babies' palm stamps were taken and exhibited.
Presenting the new organization "Neišnešiotukas", Prof. Nijol Drazdien made an announcement together with a grown up premature girl who is by now a champion in table tennis. Special guests were also the donors who sponsored all needed technology for making retinopathy operations in Vilnius.

Finalizing the special day, a baloon release took place at Vilnius Cathedral square.

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  • Macedonia WPD 2011

CSO Lulka - Organisation for the care and education of pregnant women, mothers and children, PremNova

On 17th November PremNova and LULKa together with KULTURA, a publishing house, organised a charity sale of the book: "Premature born" on the city square. On this day parents of premature children came and shared their experience with each others. LULKA in collaboration with PREMNOVA created and printed 3000 copies of a brochure for the parents of preemies called "When the stork arrives early". Volunteers (mainly parents of preemies) visited parents of preterm babies in hospitals and provided them with the brochure. The first official promotion took place on November 17 when close family members and relatives of parents who were at the moment at NICU came to the city square in Skopje and were given the brochure. Additionally, a video about World Prematurity Day was shown on the city square as well as on facebook and LULKA’s webpage. Sock lines as well as the banner of the organization were presented in two hospitals where volunteers promoted World Prematurity Day. On top, a press conference including a famous pop star was the final event.
PremNova's volunteers expressed their support and understanding and tried to show the parents they were not alone in the fight.


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The Netherlands

  • Dutch WPD 2011

Vereniging van Ouders van Couveusekinderen

The Netherlands celebrated World Prematurity Day with various events to raise awareness in the public and help parents with their support. Please click here to read an article in the news for this occasion: http://www.nu.nl/gezondheid/2960001/derde-moeders-kent-risicos-vroeggeboorte-niet.html


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  • Norway WPD 2011


The Norwegian Parent Organisation (Prematurforeningen) developed a video for raising awareness about the prematurity cause. The video was released on YouTube and on the website of Prematurforeningen and is being disseminated through Facebook contacts and the Facebook group Prematur . The film is titled “A little, but important issue”. On 16th of November this film was also shown on one of the most popular TV programmes in Norway “Good Morning Norway”. On this occasion Prematurforeningen, together with the moviemaker, talked about World Prematurity Day and how the film was made.

16th and 17th of November, two advertisements were posted in the largest newspaper in Norway, Aftenposten. The first advert showed a half kilo pack of butter with a tiny baby cap, the second ad a one litre milk carton inside a small baby’s jumpsuit. Both adverts referred to World Prematurity Day and Prematurforeningen. On the same day, a radio commercial was broadcasted on one of Norway's biggest radio stations "Radio Norge"! Both, the TV and radio commercial will be broadcasted again around Christmas-time.

On 17th of November, Prematurforeningen had a banquet celebrating World Prematurity Day with its members of the organisation.

Video "en liten, men viktig sak" on youtube (Norwegian)

Video "A little but important thing" on youtube (English)

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  • Poland WPD 2011

Fundacja Wcze?niak Rodzice-Rodzicom & Fundacja Swiadomi Rodzice

Swiatowy Dzien Wczesniaka

The Polish parent organization, Fundacja Wcze?niak Rodzice-Rodzicom, organized several events for World Prematurity Day in Poland. They
1. Illuminated the tallest building in town– Palace of Science and Culture
2. Held a photo exhibition of preterm babies in Polish Parliament under the auspices of the Head of the Parliament, a former Minister of Health.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3s9PMm7duE&list=UUIvL2_Xr587ZVL3Zvw3M8iw&index=2&feature=plcp
3. Gathered key opinion leaders, parents of preterm babies from the photographs and media at the Parliament to hear the speech of the Head of Neonatal Association on 17.11 morning:  Click here to watch the event
4. Ran a World Prematurity Day campaign on their facebook fanpage
5. Organized a line of socks at all NICUs in Warsaw hospitals.
6. Issued a press kit to the press three days in advance of World Prematurity Day

The media outcome was amazing: watch here media responses including 15 minutes live interviews on two nation-wide TV stations!

You can see see all media responses on one page on Fundacja Wcze?niak Rodzice-Rodzicom's website!

Another parent organization, Fundacja Swiadomi Rodzice, also promoted the problem through their website and a meeting with different experts and specialists.

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  • Portugal WPD 2011

XXS-Associação Portuguesa de Apoio ao Bebé Prematuro, Associação Pais Prematuros

This year, the parent organization XXS organized a national campaign with a calling to all Portuguese people to knit socks and caps for preterm babies. They joined from the 15th to 17th November in a celebration in three major shopping centres where knitted socks were put on socks lines. Informative material was distributed to all Portuguese NICUs after the campaign. XXS was also on TV explaining World Prematurity Day and their campaign!

The new parent organization Associação Pais Prematuros took a picture for World prematurity Day of a socks line in front of the bridge D. Luis in Oporto.

See here World Prematurity Day in the Portuguese press:



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  • Serbia WPD 2011

In Serbia, World Prematurity Day was celebrated with socks lines to promote awareness among the public and support the parents. The Institute of Neonatology in Belgrad celebrated the day as well. Parents participated in decorating their homes with socks lines or dressing their children in purple.

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  • Spain Aprem WPD 2011

Nasmalicek Občianske združenie malíček

The Slovakian parent organizationorganized a Prematurity Day Conference in Bratislava, where engaged people won a “Purple heart award”. A press conference took place as well. They made real that many buidlings were illuminated for World Prematurity Day:
                Bratislava castle (on photo)
                Arena theatre in Bratislava
                Shopping mall Milenium in Martin
                City Nitra

Several events in churches were dedicated to preterm babies.


  • Spain Prematura WPD 2011


In Spain, different parent organizations, depending on the regions, took an effort to raise awareness for preterm infants on World Prematurity Day. There were conferences with professionals, parents and students. Several celebrations in hospitals and other places were held in many different regions. World Prematurity Day was also heavily promoted by social media activities on facebook and twitter.

Programme of AVAPREM

Programme of PREMATURA

Programme of APREM

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Sweden WPD 2011

Föräldraföreningen för prematurfödda barn

The Swedish parent organization published a debate-article in the Svenska Dagbladet, raising 5 points:

1. The Swedish minister of health should appoint a national workgroup for the care of preterms, during and after their initial hospital stay

2. The care of premature babies should be the same regardless of where you live

3. Local health authorities should appoint a coach for premature babies, to facilitate the follow-up

4. Better knowledge in schools regarding the needs of ex-preterms

5. The adult medicine needs to prepare themselves for the specific needs of ex-preterms when they grow up.

World Prematurity Day was in the headline news for TV4, interviewing Lisen Bergström from the Prematurföreningen in Stockholm. This is the link to that broadcast: http://www.tv4play.se/program/nyheterna?video_id=2241226&utm_medium=sharing&utm_source=permalink&utm_campaign=tv4play.se

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  • Turkey PAD 2011

El Bebek Gül Bebek

Right at the border between Asia and Europe, the Turkish parent organization El Bebek Gül Bebek made it possible that the Bosborus Bridge and the Sapphire, one of the highest towers in Europe and the highest in Turkey, were illuminated in purple on November 16 and 17 to raise awareness for World Prematurity Day and honor preterm infants and their parents.

In the Sapphire mall,socks line were presented as well.

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Turkey PAD 2011


In the UK, Bliss launched a video on 12 November that was heavily promoted via social media. They also had celebrity mums who have had experience of having premature babies promoting World Prematurity Day. Bliss contributed immensely to promote World Prematurity Day using social media and participated in a twitter chat party. Many hospitals and individuals held fundraising events all over UK as well.

Click here for the Bliss World Prematurity Day 2012 video on youtube

International activities


  • Croatia WPD 2011

National Premmie Foundation

In Australia the National Premmie Foundation with many local parent organizations supported World Prematurity Day by participating in the social media campaign and raising awareness in the public. All parents were asked to light a candle for preterm babies. The Canberra skyline with the national science and technology centre Questacon beside Parliament House was illuminated for World Prematurity Day on Saturday November 17!

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Miracle Babies World Prematurity Day 2012

Miracle Babies

Miracle Babies motivated Australian miracle families, healthcare professionals and politicians to give their full support to spreading awareness by sharing their stories and photographs.

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  • Croatia WPD 2011


In Brazil, the parent orgnaization Prematuridade was very active in promoting World Prematurity Day inter alia by raising awareness with preterm socks lines. They were also active in raising awareness through social media facebook and twitter.



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  • Croatia WPD 2011

Canadian Premature Babies Foundation / Fondation Bébés Prématurés Canadiens

The recently established parent organization CPBF/FBPC has already been very active and delivered CPBF/FBPC pins, the EFCNI poster, and an introductory letter of their foundation to neonatal care units in Canadian hospitals. Over 25 institutions participated in celebrating WPD!

E.g. at Grey Nuns hospital in Edmonton Santa Claus came early to visit the premature babies because they were born early, too. Have a look at the pictures of these lucky babies:


Additionally, a radio spot for all radio programmes in Canada was published November 12, as well as a press release.


Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital celebrated World Prematurity Day with a week's worth of purple celebrations, education sessions and veteran parent support provided by our Parent Partners and veteran families. A Tuesday Night group joined graduate NICU families and on Thursday a breastfeeding support programme was attended by Antenatal and NICU moms and dads and included education stations and demonstrations. The week ended with a group of doctors, social workers, nurses, lactation consultants and parents gathering at the base of Toronto's CN tower as it went PURPLE for the first time in honour of the one in ten babies worldwide born prematurely.  This became the lead story on Global TV's  evening  news!


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Dominican Republic

Nedoklubko PAD 2011

 Pequenas Vidas

Pequenas Vidas in the Dominican Republic realized the following:

1. A robust media tour promoting WPD in radio and print
2. Social media outreach throughout November, focusing on raising awareness of prematurity and publicizing global activities
3. Publicity on prematurity and WPD at our Group B Strep conference, aimed at the Dominican health and scientific communities
4. Communication throughout November with the national obstetrics, perinatal and pediatric societies to raise awareness of WPD, they also distributed World Prematurity Day EFCNI posters throughout the hospitals
5.  They presented the 1-in-10 sock line in the Colonial Zone -famous for Christopher Columbus' landing!

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  • Mexico WPD 2011

Little Big Souls

LittleBigSouls Ghana organized an annual charity walk tagged with “Walk for Love to Save a Life” on Saturday, November 10th, 2012 as part of the World Prematurity Day events to create awareness of prematurity and its effects and to honor the babies born too early.

LittleBigSoul’s international celebrity ambassador, Tuface Idibia was on hand to show his support by his full participation in the Walk. Celebrity ambassador Prince Mydas and several other Ghanaian celebrities including actors Prince David Osei, Martha Ankomah, Virna Michel, jazz singer Ofie Kodjoe and Nigerian artiste David Daniels were also present to support LittleBigSouls.

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  • Mexico WPD 2011

Con Amor Vencerás, Nacer temprano- VIVIR EN GRANDE

Nacer Temprano-VIVIR EN GRANDE and Con Amor Venceras, both Mexican organisations, joined efforts in order to get as many hospitals, parents associations and other institutions, as well as individuals  together. 

November 15: a Press conference informed the media about World Prematurity Day and highlighted issues of the Born Too Soon Report.

November 18: cycling for the preemies with an expected traffic of 20,000 people. For this event the big Reforma Avenue was closed so people were able to cycle all over this street which is one of the biggest in Mexico City. 

Over 60 institutions joined World Prematurity Day in Mexico and celebrated with different activities in their communities such as: socks line, cangurada, talks for staff and families, balloon/butterflies release, drawing contests for ex-preemies and more!

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  • Mexico WPD 2011

Little Big Souls International

Little Big Souls International released a press release globally and across the 54 states in Africa. Awareness walks supported by Little Big Souls were held in Abuja in Nigeria as well as in Accra, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa and Kenya with representatives of WHO, Save the Children and of the respective governments.

A wonderful initiative was undertaken under the LittleBigSouls Draeger Equipment Donation Program with over 8 pieces of vital neonatal which included phototherapy units, Resuscitaires, Incubators and the life saving non invasive Jaundice Metres which help detect early detection of Jaundice and will greatly contribute to life saving efforts in Africa. “Nollywood” actors Francis Duru and Ejike Asiegbu also lent their support for World Prematurity Day in Nigeria.


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  • Sweden WPD 2011

Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan

We are happy to inform that we have a new parent organization cooperating with us! The Premature Baby Foundation in Taiwan has existed already for many years in Taiwan. Before a public health insurance started paying for preterm babies' treatment and care in 1995, it was the foundation that gave financial support to the affected families. Now, they support around 22 hospitals across Taiwan and have also been active in the development of a follow-up programme for preterm babies for more than 15 years.

They joined the global movement for World Prematurity Day this year and promoted World Prematurity Day with many activities in Taiwan.

Video for World Prematurity Day

Song by a person born premature for World Prematurity Day


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March of Dimes

Amongst many other activities, the March of Dimes supported heavily the global social media campaign on twitter and facebook. Illuminations of buidlings in different cities were made real and celebrations wearing purple to show the colour of preterm birth were held.

One highlight certainly was the Empire State Building  lit in purple to honour November 17 as special day in New York City.

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Globally united: Highlights

On November 16, a global twitter relay for World Prematurity Day was held with huge success! Look at #WorldPrematurityDay on www.twitter.com

Look at World Prematurity Day on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WorldPrematurityDay  to have a grasp what has happened around the world and where parents have posted their stories and pictures.

See below a list of valuable links to videos, blogs and interesting material that was created by or with our global partners for World Prematurity Day:

Watch here the World Prematurity Day Video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2duS19-LjA

Born Too Soon video about Kangaroo-Mother-Care: http://www.healthynewbornnetwork.org/multimedia/video/born-too-soon-kangaroo-mother-care-saves-preterm-babies

Interview with Joy Lawn from Save the Children: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XombMtdaa5E

EFCNI also posted a blog called The true power of parents among many other interesting posts especially written for World Prematurity Day: http://www.healthynewbornnetwork.org/blog?page=1

New research, published in The Lancet on Friday November 16 has found that if the world’s 39 highest-income countries were to fully implement five interventions to prevent preterm births, around 58 000 premature births could be averted annually, amounting to roughly US$3.0 billion in economic cost savings.

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